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We are no longer taking submissions on behalf of the Oprah Winfrey Network. If you would like to submit a film to OWN, contact Liz Daly at, Assistant to Scott Garner, Head of Programming and Acquisitions at OWN.


We hope that sums up the experience of submitting your film to ro*co films, for international and/or educational distribution. We are focused on carefully evaluating films in a timely fashion, which means relegating the housekeeping of collecting accurate and necessary information to the cyber world.

So we ask you to create an account or skip ahead to log into your existing account. The account connection will allow you to submit your film and follow it through our evaluation process.


You: Create or log into an account, review our submission requirements, and share some simple information about your film.

ro*co: We tell you if you should send us a Screener.

You: Give us more information to help us fully understand your film's potential.

ro*co: We receive your film, send you an email confirmation, and have you log into your account to find out which one of us is looking after your film.

You: Feel free to call or email if you haven't heard from your contact in a couple of weeks.

ro*co: We give you an answer and fill you in on the next steps.

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