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Please create a submissions account or log into your existing account to submit a documentary for consideration for international distribution, educational distribution or both. It’s easy and will allow you to track the status of your film with us on-line. Please take a look at our basic submission requirements and then follow the steps below to submit your film. We appreciate your interest in working with ro*co films.
  • International Distribution Submission Requirements
    • All music and footage must be cleared for international broadcast.
    • The submitted film must be a final cut or nearly final cut.

  • Educational Distribution Submission Requirements
    • The submitted film must be a final cut or nearly final cut.
    • All North American Educational rights must be available and not previously exploited.
Here's how it works...
Step 1 Submit Request  
  Create or log into your account and tell us a little about your film. Preview the Request Form  
Step 1 ro*co Reviews Request  
  We look at the information you’ve shared and decide whether you should send us a screener link.  
Step 1 Send Screener  
  If your film is approved, send us a screener link for review.  
Step 1 ro*co Receives Screener  
  We let you know that we've received your screener link and assign a ro*co staffer as your contact.  
Step 1 Screener Reviewed  
  We evaluate your film for distribution and contact you with our decision.  

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